RPA/IPA Solutions

Our approach to Intelligent Automation is simple!

80% of companies are investing in RPA to reach their financial goals.
RPA for Finance will grow 12.7 times its current adoption rate in 3 years.

What we do

Intelatron is not just a service provider, but a collaborative partner dedicated to helping organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business with the power of Intelligent Automation to bring your business to the future.

Our forward-thinking and comprehensive approach to Intelligent Automation enables organizations of any size to explore new business avenues to drive growth and efficiency across a range of departments.

Our team of experts in the field of Intelligent Automation seek out creative ways to help our clients perform better.

How It Works?

We start by unlocking the Power of Automation with our No-Cost Automation Workshop!

We guide your team through the process of identifying automation opportunities and the benefits they offer.

We look at your operational landscape.

  • Understand how your business processes interact.
  • Zero in on a few key items of each BU processes
  • Collaboratively, we zero in on the initial stage of your automation journey

Fitness & Readiness Engine

Our Fitness & Readiness Engine steers us through a validation procedure to pinpoint the ideal process for automation.

  • Pain point
  • ROI
  • Acceptable time to delivery

  • We leverage a variety of tools and expertise to collaborate with our clients, in selecting the most fitting technology for achieving the desired outcomes.
  • We establish a sustainable backlog that aligns with our client’s business objectives.

Our 6D Delivery Machine

We assemble the right team of certified Developers, PMs, and Process Engineers.

Follow a defined 6D transformational process to:

  • Improved customer journey
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Delivering higher ROI
  • On time delivery
  • Governance

Reap the benefits of Intelligent Automation by partnering smart!

Intelatron’ team of experienced and certified professionals showcases our reliability in offering end-to-end RPA services and solutions. With a strong track record of advanced-level associates, we are committed to delivering projects on time, providing personalized solutions designed exclusively for your business workflow.

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