About Us

Your Intelligent Automation Partner

Our Vision

To deliver technology that enables humans to bring their untapped potential to life!

Our Mission

Empowering businesses for the future with a commitment to understanding our clients' unique needs, we deliver innovative and customized solutions that optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and drive unprecedented growth in the digital era.

Why Intelatron

  • Continuous learning is at our core; we stay up to date on the latest technologies
  • The Intelatron team is committed to our customers’ success
  • Our approach to automation starts with identifying the right process and selecting the right technology to drive desired outcome
  • Intelatrons’ team is stacked with the brightest minds in the market who apply expertise and experience to deliver outcome that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations

About Us

Intelatron is a Veteran and woman-owned full-service Intelligent Automation company, dedicated to scaling businesses with the right technologies and expertise. We seamlessly support our clients' digital transformation programs from ideation through operation, ensuring smarter business outcomes.

Our team comprises the brightest minds in the hyper-automation space. United by the gravity of our mission, we consistently deliver end-to-end solutions to tackle our customers' most challenging issues. Intelatron was conceived with the aim of offering exceptional customer services, reducing the cost of automation, and enhancing the speed of delivery. Strategically located, we optimize services to cater to our customers efficiently.

Meet Our Experts

Our team is vastly certified with thousands of hours of delivering hyper-automation solutions that support our customers' initiatives. Our business analysts, solution architects, developers, project managers, and client success managers are best-in- class with a customer-first mindset. With Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and PMP certifications, our PMs ensure processes are automation-ready and deliver top- class outcomes.


Intelatron’ leadership team boasts a robust technical background spanning various industries. Our positive work environment is rooted in collaboration, creativity, integrity, and transparency. With this solid foundation, we've curated a team of top-tier technologists dedicated to delivering solutions aligned with our customers’ strategic objectives. Our mantra, "we know technology, our customers know their business; together in partnership, we deliver superior outcomes for our customers," exemplifies our collaborative approach. Upholding a level of consistency and loyalty at the top fosters a sense of continuity throughout all levels of our company

Our Customers

Our customers have realized significant growth and savings from our solutions.

Professional Physical Therapy

Offers Specialty Rehabilitation, Athletic Training, and Fitness Services. Our revolutionary services provide patients with multi-specialty Physical Therapists who can treat any body part and injury with excellence. Our clinical expertise and exceptional patient experience has made us Practice of the Year nationwide

Orthopedic Trauma Association

OTA will be the authoritative source for the optimum treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injury, will effectively communicate this information to the Orthopedic and medical community and will seek to influence health care policy that impacts care and prevention of injury.

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