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Intelatron is a Veteran and Woman Owned full-service Intelligent Automation company delivering services that scale your business with the right technologies and expertise. We support our clients digital transformation program from ideation through operation to achieve smarter business outcomes.

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Not sure which business process will give you the biggest reward with intelligent automation? Intelatron offers free Automation workshops and will quantify your potential savings, so together we can automate strategically

Intelligent Automation: Where to Start?

Hearing all the buzz about automation, but not sure where to start?

A failure point for many businesses that allow automation to fizzle out in their company, is blindly starting with the “low hanging fruit”, i.e. HR or accounting. While these areas often lend themselves nicely...

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How We Do It

Our unique approach guides our customers to identify processes that are both FIT and Ready for Automation, read about our approach to automation...

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Our Services

Conversational AI

Conversational AI refers to artificial intelligence systems and technologies that enable human-like interactions between computers and users, primarily through natural language conversations. It combines various AI technologies, including natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, and machine learning, to understand and generate human language, making it possible for machines to engage in dialogues with people.

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RPA Solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that creates software robots to perform tasks governed by structured input data and defined business logic. RPA bots are created on the premise of observed repetitive human actions. The technology can be integrated or layered on virtually any application or system, and because RPA is structured and rule-based, it performs with 100% precision and reliability. Make your operations flow easier with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)!

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Citizen Development

Struggling with expanding Intelligent Automation to the micro-levels of your organization?

Kickstart Citizen Development!

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Managed Services

Future Proof your Automation with Proactive Managed Services! Utilize the power of managed services to reduce the burden and enable your Automation CoE to focus on big picture strategy! The questions that hunts many business is “what happens after the bot is deployed to production?”

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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a strategic workforce management approach that can offer numerous advantages, including cost savings, increased flexibility, access to specialized skills, and the ability to swiftly adapt to changing business conditions. It allows organizations to focus on their core competencies while efficiently meeting project requirements.

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